Monday, October 6, 2014

What Can Happen When Women Gather

 Jumping Tandem -The Retreat,  2013, was "for writers, bloggers, artists, entrepreneurs, and other fabulous people who have an amazing dream."

My friend Cherri Putz and I signed up. The weekend was a sweet time of rest, worship, and encouragement.  I met people in person who I had only previously read their hearts on-line.

Denise Hughes was one of those women.

Her gentle heart is evident in every word that she types or speaks. There are many things that I appreciate about Denise, but how she loves Jesus and women are what drew me to her.

Fast forward thirteen months. Late at night an e-mail came in and for whatever reason I laid in my bed and read the e-mail on my phone. In that letter, Denise shared her dream of developing a new ministry called Deeper Waters. 

She asked me to join her writing team.

I'm deeply honored to be part of her dream, because it is part of my amazing dream too. That dream is to connect with women. and to be in the Word.

In the last months it has been hard to keep it all a secret, as the beautiful space to gather has unfolded.

Last week, Deeper Waters officially launched. There is so much to tell you about, but I wonder if you might just check it out for yourself?

Today I have the privilege to be writing there.

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My mom taught me how to make cinnamon rolls.
The kind that are spread thick with butter, cinnamon, and drops of pure maple extract. They are then rolled, sliced, and baked to a tender copper-color, and they drip with caramel sauce, in which whipping cream is the secret ingredient.
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