Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Song for Every Season

She tossed long blond hair back with a sweep of her right hand and tucked the dark wood of her violin snugly under her chin. With slender fingers she grasped the bow and drew it gracefully across the strings. Just as our ears were prepared for rich tones of notes strung together like pearls into song, what came out would be long squeaks and flat notes that sent our dogs running under the bed.  This same child played the flute and when she breathed thin streams of air against the metal edge, it was as if all the angels began singing with her.

It wasn't for lack of talent or understanding that she played one instrument well and the other, not-so-much. The music she made with the flute, she played from her soul. Clear notes rose slowly, starting low, then rising, resting, piercing your skin with clarity and beauty.

There is just something about music and meter that can set the tone for our lives.  

 Bonnie Wallace


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