I wish we could meet in person!
Then you could see me smiling at you. 
And…  I’d probably have to give you a hug. 

Some honest things about me.
I love mornings.
Especially mornings with coffee.
ESPECIALLY mornings with coffee, when I don’t have to run out the door. 

The children are raised.
          Well    - - the children are adults.
It has launched me into a wonderful new season of life
and revealed that they were not the only messy ones who lived in this house. 

My husband is not the messy one either.
Not only is he handsome and has a job, he loves to clean the house.

We have never had a lot of rules in our home, but at one point a rule was made ‘that there should be no vacuuming after midnight.’

It‘s true. My husband loves to vacuum and he works erratic hours.

Seriously. He can vacuum anytime he wants.

He has an eye for decorating our home, can fix things, 
             ..... and he enjoys a little football.

What endears him most to me, is how he loves me.

Through him I’ve seen a glimpse of Jesus.  He's a rare jewel of a man.

If you come to visit here much, you will probably hear about...

Olivia and Brandy

They are not our children.  These are the names of our dogs.

They are not aware they are not the children so please don’t tell them.
Just the other day my husband cried out in a panicked voice, “Rhonda! ...where is Brandy?”

You would have thought we lost one of the grand kids.

           (Which may or may not, have ever happened)
Brandy ventured out, at the sound of her name.

She had been enjoying a nap in a quiet part of the house.

We are a bit weird. At least you know now.
We love our children and grandchildren too.

We are wild about the seven grandchildren who are all six and under in age. 

Each one is such a unique gift.

message we will send into the future, 

to testify to God's goodness to us.


The Lord has used deep seasons of


                                                                                 ....and loss

 to shape my soul
and enlarge my heart.

Out of those valleys and trials He has given me peace,
wholeness in my spirit,
abundant blessings and
increased my  faith.

He has taught me to pray crazy prayers,

to love the hard to love,

....that joy is a choice.

I don't have it all together.
It’s not even a goal.
My love relationship with Jesus is the goal.

The God that “...gathers the seas in jars”  
yeah ... He is my God.

What I do, is for His glory.

It is a beautiful mystery how He can use someone like me.
For years now I’ve had the privilege of leading women’s Bible Studies.

The first time I was asked to do this I thought,
 "....if they knew how messed up I am they wouldn't ask me."

So true.

 Except she did know. That sweet woman with Jesus eyes.
She saw something in me.
She saw what can only be seen, with the heart. 

Now women seem to cross my path
all the time in the most unexpected ways.
Women looking for Truth and Love.
Significance and Peace.
They span in age, social status,
and season of life.

That young girl who had few girlfriends.

The woman who has deep insecurities. Especially around women.

The once hopeless, hurting mess.  Like that woman   - -at the well.

It’s crazy.
It's GOD! 


Jesus is my passion and you friend are my heart.
Come visit anytime.

I'll be here ....

Writing stories, to be a display of God's glory.

© Rhonda Quaney