Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Living Water

Today I have the honor of being a guest at the blog-home of Diane Bailey. 

When I met Diane last year at Jumping Tandem, I watched her capture people and beauty with her camera, making women feel welcomed and loved.  Diane doesn't just write pretty words, she lives the love she talks about. So grateful to be writing at her place today.  

Water rushes from the fountain and cascades into a clear pool. Lounging on the sandy shores are attractive people surrounding one woman. She holds a mirror, gazing at her flawless skin and charming face framed with wispy curls of blonde hair. The photo is part of an advertisement claiming their product reverses aging effects and helps customers, “grow younger and live stronger.” Reputable companies and respected doctors have mantras such as: “Turn back the clock!” “Drop a decade off your face!” “Cheat the years!” Shelves are lined with products and promises to reverse the aging process using miraculous serums with new and improved ingredients. And sometimes, this Jesus-loving woman, and her Jesus-loving friends buy into the hype of the world with its answers for our insatiable quest for beauty, youth and the things that come with it.


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