Monday, December 2, 2013

When Mercy Can Build A House


So maybe it was when, I was over-full with thanksgiving food. The first day, the second and then the third.

Or maybe it was while we were shopping at my husband’s favorite store with four of our grandchildren and at least hundreds of other people who were searching. Searching for things to give as gifts. Crowds of people we don't know. People pushing and rushing. People wanting something special.

Yes it was more evident that day.

It was before that really.

I've been looking for it for years. Looking for how to live Christmas different this year.

Because the truth is, the most real thing about me friends, is Jesus.

On every given day, in my flesh, I am fragile and failing.
My energy, resources and imagination come up short.

But God.

It always comes back to that.

It always comes back to Him.

I get e-mails, phone calls and messages almost daily from people who have problems bigger that they are. The news is heavy and heartbreaking. And this is all that I know..... that in my darkest hour, God has been present with me, and made Himself known. So where else can I point people who are searching?

There is no other place I know of, than Jesus for the answers.

And now this season of Christmas is upon us.

The season when the real Gift arrived on the scene wrapped in flesh, to begin His journey of love from the cradle to the cross.

So I've been wondering how can I live Christmas different this year.

How can people who love to give gifts, give something that will last longer than the paper wrapping being torn from a box?

I really want to wrap up my heart and give it away to the world.

I want to do something that will out-live me. 

And I wonder... isn't that how you feel too?

So today, I’m teaming up with something and Someone that is much bigger than me. 

Kristen Welch who blogs at We Are That Family is the founder of Mercy House in Kenya.

Would you take a few minutes and watch the video here and see what God is up to at their web site, Mercy House Kenya.

These women have horrific stories and God has bent down to offer them Hope.

This is the final phase and it is to build a house.

A house that can house more babies and their young mommy's. A home where they are safe, where they can learn skills and experience the love of Christ and a hope for the future. 

It is perfect isn't it? That we can give hope, just like Christ offers us Hope in this advent season.

He is the Giver and the Gift.

And we have an opportunity to join Him where He is working.

Will you join me? 

I'm joining other bloggers today to clasp hands and hearts together, to be the hope that others are looking for. You can be part of it too friends. 

Lets be part of a Christmas that is bigger than us.

How can you join this?

1. Go to We Are That Family and hear the heart and vision behind Mercy House.

2. Read today's, (in),  How To Get The Greatest Gift This Christmas.

3. Pray for the Lord to lead you in how to give, pray, and encourage those who are vulnerable. Widows, orphans, and those that have been taken advantage of.

4. Follow the link below if you want to be part of  building a second Mercy House.

 Mercy House

Teaming up today with Ann Voskamp and a virtual cloud of witnesses who want this Christmas to be about something more. 

You are invited friends. You are invited.

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