Friday, January 25, 2013


Joining Lysa-Jo for 5 minute Friday!


Have I told you that  I love you today?

 Well I’m going to say it again.

 It never gets old.

Even though we are kind of getting old-er. =]

 I still love how you laugh at things that don’t make me laugh.

I love how you watch our granddaughters with this sweet grin on your face and tell them that they are beautiful. When you get on the ground and let the grand boys jump on you and wrestle and run up and down the hallway pretending to be super hero's. I guess you aren’t pretending because you really are my hero. You are a mans-man who is secure in himself and is the most happy to serve in the background, -quietly ...doing a thousand things that bless.

And thank you for just ‘getting me.’ Mostly you know when it’s a hard day or I need a hug.
Or when I need you to tell me that you love me.


All these years you have let me be and do and try most anything. Thank you for never telling me how ridiculous I am or what a crazy idea that I had. It’s think I can make it happen.

I’m one of the most blessed women, because you have loved me just for me. While giving  me the freedom to chase my Jesus dreams.

And you are one of my greatest gifts and deepest passions.

 I love you.

I’ll say it again.

I love you.

Happy Anniversary.


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