Monday, December 22, 2014

What Does Christmas Looks Like

It’s quiet.

Only the whirl of the motor and the crunching sound that tires make as they turn under the weight of the vehicle against icy groves in the road can be heard. 

The low-beams try to pierce the darkness but the light seems to shatter against the black. Misty fog adds another layer to the depth that dulls my senses. 

It is unnerving to be up this early and driving into this murky obscurity.

To be honest it is dangerous. 

This part of the highway is where the lifeless carcasses of deer can often be seen laying on the side of the road which makes me wonder if the people who had the impact, are all okay. 

The roads are ice packed and visibility is not much more than the front of the car. 

So I drive slow, straining to see into the darkness, wanting the light of day to come.

That’s kind of how it was before the very first Christmas.

Heavy darkness enveloped the whole world. 

All of mankind was trapped in the darkness of sin. Sin that weighed thick and heavy. 

Heaviness that enveloped all of God’s creation. And the very same God who spun the Universe into existence knew that people could not find their way alone so he came to earth as a baby to walk to the cross. 

All this He did, so darkness would be shattered. 

That is the story of Christmas.

The Light, coming to shine in the darkness.

These past weeks, well, it's been hard not to rush around grabbing for what I think has to be done to get ready for Christmas. 

All around in this busy crashing world people are trying to figure out what Christmas really looks like. 

There are the decorations, the gifts, and the mounds of food.

There are the children singing sweet songs and the lights strung up high.

In my own life, Jesus Christ is often buried under layers of activity and the darkness that sets in all around me. 

I always want a simple Christmas. 

One big noisy holiday that has more quiet mixed in. 

One, where the gifts wrapped, will be a blessing.  

One that has soft lighting sprinkled everywhere, because this holiday is really all about the Light.

That morning as  I drove into the darkness, the sun finally began to rise, slow. 

The streaming light pierced the night and unveiled thick frost all laid out like a prickly blanket on the landscape.

As if God Himself has taken His strong sweeping arm and waved it across the terrain of trees, fence-lines and houses, everything was flocked with white sparkling frost. 

Like a Christmas painting, my world had been decked out for Christmas. 

The rising sun broke through all the darkness and now sunlight flared off of the brilliant white scenery. 

That scene was breathtaking.

The light had pieced the darkness.

What a picture of what God has done for us.

The Light has come and shines into the darkness.

That Light has a name.


Christ came to eclipse the darkness.

That is what Christmas looks like friends. 

You are seen by Him. His light can invade every piece of darkness in your life. 

So, go slower than you feel like you can. Embrace the people within your reach. Be the light to those who need you to shine life into their hearts today.

Unwrap the real Gift of light, peace and joy.

The people walking in darkness
have seen a great light; 
on those living in the land
of the shadow of death a light has dawned.
Isaiah 9:2

Merry Christmas!


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