Monday, February 10, 2014

When We Should Celebrate Love Everyday

Recently, JQ and I celebrated another year of life together. Somehow it seems deeper than ballons, chocolate and red hearts.

We didn't fly to an exotic island or even take a day trip in commemoration. We did cook steaks on the grill, tossed a nice salad along side and added tall iced glasses of water with a slice of lemon.  According to tradition a silver plate would have been in order, but we got a stainless steel coffee maker!!! (I know you aren't suppose to use exclamation marks..... but this calls for all three of them.)

We have enjoyed this gift perhaps more than any gift we have purchased.


(Thank you Tara for making cappuccino and talking coffee
when we were suppose to be organizing a women's retreat.)

What we realize at this point in our life, is that we are blessed.

A few decades have taught us be.

Be content.

Be thankful.

Be present in this day.

We know that every day is a day to celebrate love and the One who loved us first.

I don't want to make it appear that we have this dreamy marriage and life. The fact is, if you are walking in this world there are just hard things.

We have learned to walk more in the unforced rhythms of life, love and faith. 

It was his gentle, honest, relaxed way, that first drew me in. How he is comfortable just being himself. That he is hard working, slow to anger, committed and a promise-keeper.

Most know that he is a man of few words.

Few know that he is a great dancer.

There is rarely a morning when he is home, that you won't find him sipping coffee, glasses propped on the end of his nose, reading his Bible.

He holds records in high hurtles, has a certificate for a hole-in-one and likes to read about eschatology.

Not everyone has heard it, but his deep laugh will make you laugh too.

He never takes his wedding ring off.

Years pass and all that isn't real seems to pass with them.

So in honor of our anniversary and Valentines Day would you allow me to share some pictures? (I know. Apologies up front.) They capture small glimpses of why I am crazy about the man I get to spend my life with.

This man.....

This man has shown me what real love looks like and has never once told me to stop, when I dream up things to try.

It's like he thinks I can do anything.

He has done the same of our daughters.

He is secure in his identity. He doesn't need or want any attention.
(Ya, ...this post will bother him...)

He has shown that love is a verb, by his commitment, by time spent, by acts of kindness.

He has lived out in real life, what it means to be a real man.

He lives a love that is gentle, a love that kisses babies, a love that hold my hand, a love that stays.

A love that tries again.

A love that has no conditions.

A love that covers and protects.

His love is a gift from the Giver of all great gifts.... in fact he loves in response to the One who loved us first. Because what JQ and I do have, is Jesus. And His omnipresent fingerprints are all over our love-story.


He is the one who came as True Love and gave His life so we could have life to the full.

I wonder how many people think that true love is for someone else. - I know I did.

But then I met the ultimate Lover of my soul, Jesus. And in His gracious way, He re-wrote my story. A true love-story.

In response I have to tell people.

Thank you for your grace in too many pictures.

Everyday is a day to celebrate love.

You are loved too my friend.

The Lover and Creator of our souls.... He is crazy about you.

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