Monday, September 7, 2015

About Chocolate and Opening Our Home

Sprinkled throughout these days ––all the ones that have been slipping by–– are tender reminders to open my home to people.

I don't do this so well. I don't. But some women have been showing me and this whole blue table thing, has reawakened my awareness of the need. 

What if, instead of meeting at the local coffee shop, instead of gathering at a bustling restaurant, we bring people into our homes?

Those others places are fine too, but our home...... now that is where we are more deeply known.
Many of us don't feel comfortable moving past the surfacy relationships of sipping coffee or tea and chatting about the weather. Oh to be that person who is brave enough to just say, “Come on over to my place, friends!”

Home is where you enter into my imperfect world. Where there is plenty of dust and dander and food stuck to the floor.

"I’m not sure what we'll have, but there is something here we can share at the table."


Just come as you are and if you don't mind, I’ll be who I most deeply am.

And we can prop our elbows on the table and use our napkins to blot our messy fingers or the tears that have found the freedom to fall, when we open up our muddied lives to each other.

What I have found, is folks linger in this setting.

Conversations go past the veneer talk that is safe and simple and move into something safely sacred.

This is when I’m most alive.  When people are invited into the everyday, barefoot, yogi pants me.

I want more of that in my life. 

I not super good about the details, however I do keep a few things on hand that make any gathering something a little special.

Those two things are good chocolate and heavy whipping cream. 

Alone, each of those things can make most any recipe delectable. 

Whipping cream most often has a very long shelf life. 

Nothing says "welcome," quite like hand whipped cream, dolloped on a bowl of ripe berries, a slice of cake or generous helping of pumpkin pie. I might whip a small amount or an entire pint. Depending on my mood, I may add 1/4 cup sugar or no sugar at all, but add a splash of real vanilla and fold in a few single serve packages of powdered stevia to taste. 

It's decadent, simple and satisfying.

Not long ago I had company stop by. It turned into an impromptu meal and knowing I had chocolate and whipping cream on hand I tried a recipe I had seen in the book, Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist.

It was fast, beautiful and shockingly elegant.

There was the clink of silver scraping the edges of ramekins and conversation was as smooth as the spoons we licked clean.

So I'm highlighting her recipe and hope it will encouraged you to open your home and your heart to those you bump into. Your neighbors, your family, perhaps even a stranger. 

Don't overthink it. Say a breath prayer that God will help you be relaxed and creative with what you have available. Dust off the teapot and enjoy the people who have come, not to see your home, but to see you. 
This week remember to love others well and maybe invite some folks into your home.

I actually prayed and am praying that He will bring you opportunities to practice saying, "Come on in! I'm so glad you are here."

What is your go-to recipe when people drop by?

Happy Labor Day friends!


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