Monday, September 28, 2015

Every Little Thing {{{by Deidra Riggs}}}

Her book launches {{{TODAY!!!}}}
And I'm giving away a copy! 
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My shelves are lined with great books.

I collect them, mark them up with pink highlighters and ruffle their pages.

But this book…. this book..... it surprised me and has shifted my heart in some unexpected places.

I’ve met Deidra.

I’ve read her heart on her blog Jumping Tandem.

I’ve attended the Jumping Tandem retreat that Deidra founded.

She was transplanted from east coast to {{Nebraska}} ––the good life–– as our state motto says and I believe it's true.

She is a Pastors wife. Bless her!

I bought her book for these reasons I suppose, but I’ll be getting a few more for gifts because of what her words have done for my heart.

Her book has spoken to something in me that I didn’t realize needed a talking to.

She reminded me of Gods profound love for each of us. Right where we are.

We know this right?

But do I live like I believe it in the deepest parts of my soul?

I could hear the heartbeat of the adventure of faith strung throughout the pages and was reminded that God is in the business of using ordinary people.

Ordinary, messed up people.

Like me.

Deidra didn’t shy away for speaking about the heart of Jesus or how God is always meeting us where we are and calling us to His work in small ways that have big impact in the kingdom.

Sometimes I buy into the voice that mocks me, how everyone else is doing every single thing better. ––So why bother.

Deidra’s voice is clear. Her words, comfortable and profound.

This book. Her words. They were truly linen and satin to my soul.

Her book stirred up the embers of some nearly forgotten, tiny, small, pint-sized dreams which I've pushed past as ––not big enough.

Or maybe that I wasn’t enough.

But that voice in my head? Deidra put it this way: "Lying never gets old for the devil. He's not bilingual. He knows no other language."

If our big God, is in every little thing, then are there really any small things?

I think we ––and definitely me–– need to rethink small, in light of God and all of eternity.

In her little bright colored book, Deidra Riggs unpacks a bit of the mystery of grace. 

And that seriously no small thing, right?

A few more gems from the pages of 'Every Little Thing?'

"But God is not counting. He is not measuring. God is not keeping score."

"God sees things differently. With God, the small things matter for bigness too."

Hop over and grab a copy of her book?


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