Monday, July 8, 2013

Celebration & {Homemade Ice Cream Recipe}

Some days seem to swell with more life and love.

Days when all your senses are engaged, making you feel awake and alive. 

It was a day like that. Tables loaded with fresh fruits, tender grown vegetables, dips and desserts, things marinated, sauteed and grilled. People who had long known each other and others who were becoming new soul friends. All mixed together with laughter, water, sun, cold drinks and all the quirks and kinks of humanity. 

Folks that were grateful  and loved each other for who they are and who they aren't. 

People who came to embrace life for this day set aside to celebrate.

When the sun had melted low in the sky and food had been over indulged, we turned our chairs and eyes to heaven to watch the show of exploding light.

There was laughter and sweet chatter while every corner of dark was exposed, with bursts of light. Rings of florescent colors were placed on children's heads, and they danced while making wide brushstrokes of light with flaming sticks.

Daddy's holding tired, tousle headed babies, mommies carrying sacred life within them, hard working men that love their wives and women who want to embrace all that God made them to be, because what they do every single day matters.

But today is a day to celebrate.

Moonlight back-lighting kind of celebration that ignites a sense of contentment, gratefulness, fullness in a soul. 

Yes. Celebration makes you feel full with life.

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Today I want to share our families homemade ice cream recipe. 

There are differing opinions about using eggs in ice cream. All I can tell you is that we use fresh farm eggs and have done this as far back as I can remember. To date no one has died, unless it was from happiness from eating it. 

Keep celebrating life friends. 

Photo Credits A Moment Photography

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Next week I will be celebrating too!

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