Monday, June 24, 2013

On The Edge Of Dreams

The ocean stretched out in three directions of infinity, from where I stood on the weathered wood platform. I was still breathless from climbing the rickety salt-seasoned stairs, that terraced like a hanging catwalk, over the rocky crags of the island point. My ascent was rewarded with a view that struck my heart with complete awe.

Intense hues of pink, purple and orange blended into a magnificent fiery sunset. Never in my nineteen years had I seen anything like it. The grandeur was almost more than my eyes could absorb.

All my senses were alive with the smell of  the ocean, the feel of warm tropical breezes and the sound of massive waves crashing against the barrier reef.  It was a magnificent crescendo of surging, frothing, water spray, that echoed like giant cymbals in this orchestra of beauty.

Inside the reef, turquoise colored water was calm and lapped against the uncluttered shoreline. I had come here to be alone with my thoughts and as I stood on the edge of this wild  hidden gem of an island watching the sunset in Roatan Honduras, I realized this really was a dream of mine being lived out.

To get here had taken more brave steps than just the stairs I had ascended. Fresh out of high school I wanted to learn to scuba dive. It seemed simple enough.  It began with the young dream to do something different. The steps unfolded one and then another. Along the path I had to find an instructor to teach and qualify me to dive. There was classroom instruction and tests, on safety and how to operate equipment.

When weights were added to my body and I was pushed to the bottom of the pool, I found out I was claustrophobic. Doing open water dives in Nebraska poses a host of challenges of its own. The water temperature in local lakes is cold and the visibility is often only a few feet. Which made my first dive a fearsome thing when I saw my first fifteen pound fish  - -face to face.

Did you know that fish look one third larger under water than they are in real life?

There was money to save and a trip signed up for. All this so I could travel with people I didn't know, to a place I had never heard of, to scuba dive in this wild, remote location, in water that was hundreds of feet deep.

And now I had climbed to the pinnacle point of the island. Standing there alone, inhaling beauty that can't be captured with a camera, I came face to face with some reality. Right there on the edge of such vastness I realized my infinite smallness and wondered what part I could possibly play in the grand plan of God.

Years later I found a worn piece of paper on which I had scrawled out a few life goals from that young time in my life. Back when I was more of a dreamer and nothing seemed too big to try. They included things such as: Live in the country on ten acres, travel to beautiful places, scuba dive, sky dive, marry an amazing man, have beautiful children, own horses, cows and too many dogs, change the world.....

Some of these things had happened naturally, without great planning. Except the sky diving. At some point I decided it was just a bad idea to jump out of airplanes and put all my faith in a rip cord. Not to mention that my body does something weird and involuntary when I am in high places. The stomach jumps into my throat and my feet melt into rubbery cement.

Aging brings with it some reality that people don't live forever and cynicism sets in, that dreams are for the dreamers that haven't lived much life.

More importantly I now realize how that adolescent list of goals, were all focused on experiences, things and self.

These days I've been dreaming a little. It looks different than when I was younger, because now I believe that my dreams, are really the dreams God placed in me to accomplish for His glory. Not mine. 

My dreams look a little like this. 

I want more of what I already have, which is Jesus, family, love, health, places healed in my heart....

I dream of being free of the strongholds that choke my dreams.

Not to grasp for things that are outside the will of the Father, but I don't want to settle for anything less than all He has for me.

Truly pray. Without. Ceasing.

Make the real-life obedient choices today, that will nourishes my spiritual, physical and emotional health tomorrow.

Renew my mind with His Word and reject the lies of the enemy that I am not enough or will never be enough in any of these areas.  God is my Enough.

Yes. Today. To walk in the confidence of Who’s I am.

Love people despite how they treat me. Oh, to  hand out forgiveness, like candy is tossed out at a kiddie parade! And pray for those who are mean, letting Jesus be the one who rescues.

Have spirit ears and eyes to discern hearts and needs of those I come in contact with.

This dream burns in my soul: To live, to write, to embrace.

Cheer others on in their dreams. 

My out loud dream  is to be disciplined enough to reach higher than I currently am, walk in peace and grace enough to rest where I currently am. To truly believe that Jesus loves me right where I am.

To walk in freedom, love and acceptance so I can write about freedom, love and acceptance.

Finally this thought. God sized dreams require God to make them happen. So we pray. Then we do our part while we wait on Him. 

Holley Gerth Quote
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This isn't an, '.....if you can dream it, you can do it' mentality. 

As Holley Gerth says, in her book You're Made For a God-Sized Dream, "It's less of me and more of Jesus and what He's called me to do."

It is joining the God who made you, in His dream for you, which is better than anything we can personally dream up.

Living out dreams is a journey.

A process.

A redefining of who we are and yes, Who's we are.

What are your dreams? The ones that keep prodding you to move from where you are, to where God is taking you? When you catch a glimpse, it will take your breath away.

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