Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last Moments

Outside the temperatures have dipped low. In the shimmer of sunshine you can see tiny ice crystals in the air like some kind of fairy dust and to inhale this crystallized air is piercing to my lungs.

Inside the house we are quietly clinging to the fleeting moments on the clock of 2012 and this season that brought Joy to the world. The time of year my husband loves most.

Perhaps because I've been sick with fever for days, the decorations are still up and not going anywhere soon. 

Much of the Christmas village pieces that sit high on top of the cupboards were given to us as gifts over the years. Our oldest grandchildren know and love each piece of the enchanting little imaginary village with it's twinkling lights, ice skating pond and possibly their favorite, the ski lift with its constant motion of going up and back and up again.

The aisles at the store are stocked already with next holiday's candy. But for another day the sights, sounds and soft lighting of this holiday are my best and feeble attempt to slow. time. down.

I want to be thankful.

To breath deep.

To soak in some grace.

To be love-struck.

All because of Jesus.

A few photos that might capture 2012.


Happy final moments of 2012

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