Monday, November 26, 2012

The Perfect Gift

It's my birthday week.

Actually around our house we've been known to celebrate the birthday month.

My husband.

He loves to give.

And he has a hard time keeping his own secrets.

Especially when he has found what he considers to be the perfect gift.

So he has bestowed on me sweet surprises sprinkled throughout this season of thanks-giving.

I love the gifts he gives, but more than that 
   -I cherish how theses gifts flow from  his heart of love for me.

Out of His eternal treasury, God has given me many unexpected gifts as well. Gifts so personal that I have shed tears in response to His tenderness.  The kindest things. Like a call from a friend from my past. Unlikely e-mails that expressed tendered hearts touched. A friend who drove hours to surprise me for lunch. Such a random meeting of a white haired man who introduced himself to me as a first responder on the rescue call twenty seven years ago.  

And every good gift,  really is a God gift.

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My mom missed one Thanksgiving Day. That annual day set aside by our forefathers to give thanks and remember the Almighty God who is the One from which all blessings come.

She missed the turkey and the dressing and the pies and the sweet time with family.

On that thank filled day, many years ago she gave me the ultimate gift. The gift of life. 

It was the great gift of many gifts she gave.

And 10,000 times 10,000, she gave me her unconditional love.  

It is fitting that I should live a life of being full of thanks. Living out the call that God has put on my life. 

Using my gifts be a gift - -because the real gift is the Gift-giver.


The real reason to celebrate.

The tender One who offers the Perfect Gift.

Free to everyone.


And you.

My friend, I pray you know that you are a cherished gift.

Together may we speak the language of heaven and give thanks and praise to God.


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