Monday, September 3, 2012

Early In The Morning

Most mornings I rise in the dark. 
The pillow cups my head in softness and blankets surround me with warmth.
Sometimes my mind refuses to acknowledge the alarm   --at first.

At this point everyday I face a choice.

Will I concede to my screaming flesh that just wants what it wants or will I push past the inward whining and just move. 

My body protests. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. 

As I stumble around in the dark I usually find some consolation in coffee or warm tea.

I shuffle down the stairs to my obscure place that is my sanctuary. 

On summer mornings like these I open the window to allow the freshness of the day to drift in. 
Morning has a smell of it's own.

Then I sit down in my chair.

It's not much to look at. Perhaps you can even guess it was garage sale find that cost only a few dollars. The makeshift footstool is an old box covered.

This is where I meet with The Lord.

In this humble place I practice being set apart for His purposes.
It is still and the stillness has a sound of it's own.
The symphony of night creatures are nearing the end of their nocturnal concert.
Their shrill calls are growing softer and slower in pitch and tempo.

The agony of leaving my cozy bed is all but forgotten and I thank Him for another day of life.

God is everywhere and in everything, but there is something tangible about His presence in the dark quiet minutes.  It really is a small sacrifice of time before the day gains momentum. 

In simple conversation I dedicate my day to Him and lay out my requests.

My goal is to partner with God on this day in what He is doing.

I open The Book. It is marked and messy just like me. I own other Bibles that have crisp pages and clean lines.
I come back to this worn one. It has been with me most of the days of my Jesus journey.

Crumpled edges, highlighted sections, verses with asterisks and lines that are inked.These pages reflect some of the imprints left on my heart. They have whispers of wisdom, life lessons and encouragement. Day after day they speak new life to me.

Apart from time in this Book

I have found no other place

where true heart change can happen.

Outside my window the spirea bushes with clusters of raspberry-rose flowers add a light incense to my little sanctuary. The time goes too quickly each morning and soon the first blaze of sun flares through.

The thought has crossed my mind to buy a new chair. Perhaps an overstuffed one with more comfort. Or one that looks more contemporary. It seems inappropriate to abandon this chair now for comfort or looks. Mainly because on days when I have bowed low before His throne and pressed my head on this footstool - -many tears have been shed.

Inconsolable sobs for my children. Cries for broken people and their pain. Remorse over my own sin. 

In Psalms it says God saves our tears in a bottle and records them in His book.

My makeshift footrest must be something holy. 


When the number of my days on earth
have been counted off His calendar,
I want my chair sitting on the platform
with the man who officiates
the celebration of my Home going.

I believe that the small sacrifice of rising early and time spent in His Word has allowed me to partner with God in doing amazing exploits for His Kingdom.

My chair represents the place where battles have been fought and the Sword has been welded.

My earnest prayer is that from this place
I rocked the darkness.

May I ask?
Do you have a place that you go to spend time with The Lord?
Do you have special resources that you have come to cherish?

RESOURCES AND CREDITS: Power Of A Praying Parent ; A Moment Photography

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Jacqui said...

Thanks for sharing this Rhonda! Yes, we are able to do amazing exploits for His kingdom when we sit and listen for His voice! And I love that not one tear will be wasted, but that He's so compassionate, He stores them all. Blessings on your journey :)

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