Monday, September 17, 2012

Family Favorite Raw Apple Cake & Carmel Sauce

When my grandmother lost her battle with cancer, over twenty years ago now, a friend of our family shared this wonderful recipe. 

Miss Bessy brought large pans of fresh-from-the-oven apple cake and a pitcher of caramel sauce to the house. We ate it until we were almost in a sugar coma. 

{..we have been known to eat it for breakfast too... }

It's a time tested treat that is so thick with chunks of apples that I often double check to see if I've followed the instructions correctly.

The cake is moist and amazing by itself, but then there is this caramel sauce that puts the cake over the top.


Warm homemade caramel sauce dripping over the top and down the sides of spicy goodness and fresh apples.



Shared with permission from Bessy Broeder

*Caramel Sauce is made and stored separately in refrigerator. Eating this cake right out of the oven is amazing but eating some the next day is wonderful too. Just spoon caramel sauce over your piece of cake and warm it up in microwave for a few seconds.
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Unknown said...

Oh that looks just delicious! I have to try it...thank you for this recipe Rhonda.

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