Monday, August 27, 2012

White Stone

Tearing Down Walls

Going back and tearing down the walls of the past is hard -- but important.

It was time to reveal ‘My Story’

                  - - for the glory of the Author of my story.

Blogging broken places. 

Processing the past.

Praising Him for the present.

Somehow I got some healing. 

Giving a sweeping overview of my life markers.

Messed up. Bound up.  Freed up.

That heart rock became the touchstone of my faith.

A true stepping stone on my pathway to freedom and wanting to live fully for Jesus.

Finding the heart reshaped my thinking.

It became my glory story.

It fueled my passion to just believe Him and start living like I believe Him.

To blog about the raw places of your life takes courage and a little crazy.

I write for an audience of One.

To demonstrate His power and strength.... just seven weeks, there have been five thousand page views from ten countries of this blog.

It makes me think of Jesus who fed the 5000 with five barley loaves and two fish.

Only God!

He wants to use my story. He wants to use your story.

 Don't you want to live your life wild and alive?

We need an UNDIVIDED heart.

A  - -sold out   - - -on fire heart.

I want to live that kind of radical life.

Can I suggest we have to go there with God and just be undone in all the stuff that holds us back?

To get unstuck and move forward and start really living.

To restore the places that may be broken we have to give Him those places.

Exposing those pieces of ourselves that we try to hide and protect.

To be real. Unmasked. Messy.

Don’t we all need to get there?

To stop pretending we have it all together.

Reaching out to the One who does have it all together.

One of my favorite verses holds a promise.

I pray you would allow it to sink into your heart. 

It is a promise to you. 

According to this verse, He has a rock for you.
On that rock is something so personal between you and God...
      that no one else will 'get it' if they were to see it. 

I love that!!!

Today I hope you will draw near to the One who makes and keeps His promises.

Perhaps you would enjoy one of my current favorite songs.


Seeking The Heart Of God,
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deb said...

I've been reading all your posts. Great stuff, Rhonda!

CynthiaJSwenson said...

Beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing Rhonda. I'm going to make the molasses cookies! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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