Monday, August 13, 2012

Fourth Installment "My Story"

The foundations of my life were shaken.
The darkness was darker.

The tragedy overpowered every aspect of life.
It stripped me of most things I counted as important. 

Decisions constantly had to be made.
None of the choices offered were preferred.

My heart made deep-rooted agreements, with the messages of my pain.

Helplessness, hopelessness and anger set in.

The only thing that seemed to flourish were my daughters.

Tragedy had not stopped time for them.

They didn’t care that the cattle were sold at a record low or
 that our address had changed.

In the face of devastation there is a taunting voice
 that asks questions like, “How could a good God.....?”

Questions of “Why..... ?”

Up to this point God was just some vague thing to me.
Something people seek in need and in weakness.

I was a church goer.
I thought I was a good person.

Religious   - -maybe.
On my terms.

That fierce longing in my heart remained from when I was young.
Desperate seeking.
Seeking and striving.
Heart hunger that can’t be satisfied with food.

The day came.
It took more pressure than I care to admit.

At the end of myself I went to my knees.
I opened a Bible and ask the Lord to speak to me.
In simple faith I asked Jesus to invade the places of my heart and
 the depths of my sin.

There were no flashes of lightning. 
The mountains I faced didn't move from here to there  --that day.

There was however Peace.
Something restored even though most had been lost.

Out of the ashes of my life there was a new Hope.

Photo by Rhonda ♥

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