Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Splendor

There are two toads that live under the hosta plants, in an enchanting little world. A world where droplets of dew hang from the tips of thick leaves in the early morning. The plumpest of the two toads, has been named Fobio and his friend is Frieda. I've been obsessing a little, over how adorable they are. From what I understand, just one bumpy-skinned toad, will eat over 10,000 insects in a three month period.  Bring on more toads to help Fobio and Frieda eat up the other thriving pests that warm weather brings.

I've been obsessing a little, over a few other things this summer too.

Such as early mornings with the window flung wide open, sitting there, in my favorite chair with a fresh cup of coffee. That is my most happy place. These sacred summer early hours, when I read words that give life, while the bird kingdom is fussing and singing their life song just outside the window and honey bees hum over the spirea bushes.

Summer has so many things that I adore.

Like the smell of fresh mowed lawns. There are a lot of those where I live.

Or my granddaughters running barefooted in the thick grass with their little cotton sundresses swaying and grandsons with their bronzed faces and sun bleached hair.

It takes five minutes to set up the twelve foot high water slide that was given to us, kind of like an instant theme park for little people. Yes, it's definitely a favorite with everyone, including me. But I sit in the shade with ice tea and do crowd control.

Grandchildren, sun and water are a recipe for laughter in this one summer that can never be recaptured.  

There are things like the first tomato picked and frying bacon for BLT’s or the smell of hamburgers on the grill that are signature sweet summer smells for me.

Early morning walks with my friend Lynette, rides on my pink bike in the evening with the iPod turned up or just running on the elliptical with the windows open and Mercy Me’s new DVD playing loud. (Check out this song here?)

I have a cloud crush and a flower fetish and thousands of pictures to prove it.

This has been a summer of standing on my deck, almost every morning with my camera, wishing the lens could capture what my eye is beholding. I have pulled my car over to a screeching halt, more times than I can count to watch another blazing summer-sunset masterpiece melt into the horizon.

I love sitting in the hot tub at night, with my head tilted all the way back, to see the full scope of the mid-summer sky, with its band of dim glowing stars that arch across in the Milky Way trail. And lately, the supermoon that fills the horizon when it lifts its sleepy head to start its evening journey and sends light dancing on the ripples of water.




It makes me wild for all that God has created and continues to reveals Himself through.

And I find myself telling Him, “I want to have a “yes” in my spirit.” 

“Yes,” to His plan for this one life I get to live. 

I don’t want to miss one cloud, one sunset, one late night star gazing.

Something else that just makes me happy, are blueberries.☺

Especially when they are mixed up with fresh pecans, almond flour and real maple syrup.

It is a great dessert, but because it's so good for you, and because life is short, I eat it for breakfast too.

A little thing that I do, is make fresh whipped cream to put on top. 

It sounds fancier than it really is.

(I’m letting you in on one of my biggest secrets here.)

Keep reading.

I keep real whipping cream in my refrigerator.

Organic whipping cream often has a two or three month shelf life. Regular whipping cream is almost always over a month. I add a splash to our strawberry smoothies, a few tablespoons to frosting for brownies, or whip up a cup of it with a little sugar and a teaspoon of real vanilla and everyone thinks you have done something amazing. 

And if you haven’t heard, your body needs some good fats, so this not only brings fabulous, to a new level, it’s good for you. Unless you drink like the whole carton. That would be a little weird.

Shauna Niequist book Bread & Wine, is "a love letter to life around the table with recipes," and is a book y'all should own. 

The words will swing your heart to home, friends, family and all the stuff that is really important. And there is not a bad recipe in it. 

But I think I told you I love her and this book already.

I always add extra pecans, and have used coconut oil in place of olive oil a few times. This thickens as it cools. We eat it hot, but love it cold.


The summer splendor is in full swing. 

What things do you love about this summer and the right now stuff in your life?

I hope you will join me to praise the One who made the seasons and the senses that come alive with all the sight, smells and tastes unique to your right now life and summer. 


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