Monday, March 17, 2014

Soup On Saturday ...Sunday & ....Monday.

Wearing Saturday clothes and yesterday's hair, I wandered though the vegetable aisle.

So many others too, who all find themselves foraging for weekly food supplies, shuffle along around me. I love watching people. Every unique person, being who only they can be in this world.

JQ is staring at kale. ".....that's what we should make for lunch," he says.

"Kale?" I respond a little less enthusiastic than he was.

"No.... that soup we like, if we drive two hours to the restaurant," he replies.

It was agreed that crusty bread, salad and soup would be perfect for our meal later on.

We moved slow under the florescent lights, letting people who were in a hurry, have their way, stopping occasionally to talk to others. It doesn't matter where we are, it's a good day when I can be with this man that I deeply respect and love with abandon.

And right here in the middle of a March that has never slowed down, squeezed in-between the things that plan themselves, and the things that were already stacked high, we are living our two lives as one, moving toward the One who has been true. It's heart-pinching good.

One of the greatest things about sharing our days, is working together in the kitchen. The soup we like, is a copy cat recipe of one served at Olive Garden. And to top it off, the Olive Garden salad dressing can be found at most grocery stores too!


We make a large salad with romaine lettuce, baby spinach and slivers of sweet purple cabbage. Usually, we use homemade whole wheat bread toasted, and served on the side.

There are some real advantages to making a pot of this soup at home.

Mainly, leftovers.

May your week be full of moments, where you can enjoy the gift of good food and the people you love.

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