Monday, September 16, 2013

When Your Heart Is Hyper-linked

This year I was able to attend the retreat,  Jumping Tandem. There were well known authors, bloggers, sweet gifted speakers, and women who have thousands of followers on Pinterest,

I have some of their books on my shelf and stitched into my heart.

I read some of their blogs.

I've fallen in love virtually, from this side of the screen, with their faith and their stories.

Going into the retreat I prayed this prayer; "Lord, of course everyone wants to meet the people who have names that we recognize.... but You are the Famous One and I want Your appointments. Who do You want me to meet and connect with? And help me to recognize it when they come along."

Well, it was such a sweet event. I was able to travel and spend needed time with my long time friend Cheri who God uses in deep ways in my life and who speaks on important subjects, to help women find freedom and fall more in love with Jesus.

We did get to see, hear and meet so many of the ones I admired like, Holley, Lisa Jo, DeidraShelly, Michelle and Emily.

One afternoon at the retreat we had a few hours of free time. Some women sat in overstuffed chairs near the warmth of the fireplace exchanging hearts, some took the adventurous dare to go down the zip line and I was looking for good coffee. That's when Linda and Elizabeth asked if we would want to go to a flea market.

I hesitated a little. Since I was here for the experience of this place and these women, I wasn't sure leaving  for a few hours was what I wanted to do.

But, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me, that this was one of His appointments.

The four of us, found good coffee and wandered through the huge flea market. We then returned to the retreat center for the evening meal and speaker.

It was sweet, but the earth didn't move and the skies didn't open up with angels singing hallelujah.

Not that I saw.

What we didn't know is that a thread of real life relationships were formed.

And as months pass, I've seen this thread that binds us all, is the interwoven community of (in)

For two session I was blessed to serve in this place, with the talented, beautiful, sweet, Tracy Hicks as co-leader of an (in)courage community group.

Tracy and I have never met in person but we have forged friendship and sister-ship that will last a life time and even into eternity. As Session 3 deadlines arrived Tracy had a series of things happening in her life that made it unreasonable to be part of this session.

We were both sad.

Days followed that I just prayed about what the next steps would look like. One night before heading to bed I saw Elizabeth's name pop up and even though I doubted she would be interested, I shot her an e-mail asking if she would team up for Session 3 of (in)courage.

She said yes.

The sweet thing is that she was praying too, for new opportunities to write and share her heart. It was a gift to both of us.

Elizabeth blogs five days a week here. She is a Pastors wife, photographer, Grandma, lover of beautiful things and great deals.

If you read her blog you will be blessed. 

This is where I am reminded again that this on-line community is the most amazing thing.

I had my doubts in the beginning.

My mind could not grasp, how virtual and on-line could ever be real and tangible.

It is true.

It's real.

And the best part is that you're invited!

Today is the day that the groups launch. Almost 70 of them. Nearly 140 brave leaders are ready to love on women. These small groups that have the same heart and various focus, such as motherhood, ministry, fitness, and more!

These are groups that will be capped at 30 women each, so the spaces will fill up fast!

Can I just tell you that blogging and writing, connecting with women on-line has made the world smaller and interconnected?

And I want you to be part of it.

Can you be brave and join one?

I'm praying for you to find the perfect one for the season you are currently in.

There was a day when my words were more likely to cut, than to heal.

The tongue can fly faster than my mind can even process and if left to myself, they flow out like a rogue wave breaking onto the shoreline leaving destruction in it's path.

How ironic really, that now my heart is to write, speak and pour into women words that have life.

I've come to know that this is the way Jesus works things for His glory.

When I use my mind to discern what the Spirit is speaking, the words come out as encouragement.

My heart and encouragement are hyper-linked.

Come join us?

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Mondays are my day to link up with Ann Voskamp and my Gratitude Journal.
I count you as one of those blessings friends.

Hope you are counting your blessings one by one as well.

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#1227 Harvesting dill from our little garden to can baby dill pickles.
#1228 Extra money that came in when there were unexpected expenses.
#1229 Our church growing and Jim serving.

#1230 Starting a new journey through Breaking Free by Beth Moore

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