Monday, February 11, 2013


Hearts are my thing. I just like them. I like that they are red and pink. I like fat hearts, skinny hearts and funny shaped hearts. Yes. I just like them all.

Valentines Day is a favorite for me. It is a holiday where things are simple and fun. Small gifts for the grand-kids and a few baked surprises for folks who don't get out much.

Since I count you as my very favorite people I'm going to share these sweet finds and one of my favorite e-v-e-r recipes.

Oh yes!

1. Pinterest pictures: Yes. Love. these.

2. Printables: My heart beats crazy over these creative adorable gifts and the ladies that share them freely. Print one and frame it for someone?

'Designs by CP'  This lady is amazing.

'Designs by CP'   Super fun!

'Today's Fabulous Find'      (In lots of colors here...)

'Li Luna'  Candy bar wrapper and tons of good stuff here too. =]

3. Recipe : In our home, sugar cookies are part of any great event. And heart-shaped sugar cookies are even better!

♥ Gift For You ♥

The simplicity and fresh ingredients make these cookies sweetness factor go through the roof.  They have their own sugary-cookie smell and you will have to eat some of the dough. Yes. Really yum. 

4. Heart-to-heart: I made this little printable with verses about the heart.

Finally: The reason I think I love hearts.

The heart Jesus gave to me and the verse too.

“I will remove from you your
heart of stone
and give you a
heart of flesh.”

Ezekiel 36:26 

I love your beautiful heart!

Happy Valentines Day friend.

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