Monday, December 3, 2012

A Real Gift

My Grandma was a small woman who had a big heart and loved to cook. I can see her even now, fussing over a pot of food on the stove.  

One of her favorite pans was a  large cast iron roaster. And one of her favorite things to make was apple butter. She would fill the pan to the rim with finely chopped apples and spices. For days she stirred and tasted and added ingredients to achieve her signature spicy concoction.

I do not know that there was ever an actual recipe.

About twenty years ago I ran across a recipe that I liked and over time have made some changes to make it my own. 

Of course my dad says "there will never be apple butter like grandmas." And he is certainly right.

However. I dare to suggest that this is as close as I will ever come. 

And I'm sharing the recipe with you just in case you have some people you would like to give a special  homemade gift to. 

It's easy.

It's Y-U-M-M-Y!

It begins with a #10 can of applesauce which you can usually find for under $5.

If there is a secret  ....I think the pan in the oven for four hours is it.

I use a large roaster, but I suppose a large crock pot would work. 

If making six pints of apple butter seems like too much, you can half the recipe by using 3 one pound jars of applesauce from the store instead of the one large # 10 can. You can also double this recipe to have more gifts. 

I personally like to use Braggs Real Apple Cider. If I have apples that need used up I have added them into the mix. They cook down and look the same as the applesauce.

This is great thing to put in the oven on a cold day. Your home will smell amazing. 

I do stir it a few times over the four hours. It cooks down to about half of what you begin with. As it cooks, it thickens and turns a beautiful deep brown.

Glass jars are nice but you can store apple butter in whatever kind of container you'd like. I place them in the refrigerator though my grandma never did. =]

My gift to you ♥

Even the tag....

This Christmas Season
may we give good gifts
and remember
the True Gift.


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